Saturday, 5 March 2011


Yesterday I discovered something that made me absurdly pleased. Adam and Joe are coming back.

For anyone who doesn't know, Adam and Joe run a very silly radio programme on Saturday mornings in England, in which they talk rubbish and compete with each other to make up ridiculous songs. You can find their attempts to write a theme tune for the film A Quantum of Solace here ('You may have bags of solace, but I don't want 'em/I just want a quantum,') and you can find Adam's song about the sadness of coming back from your summer holidays ('Can't you leave me here, drinking cans of Frenchie beer, lying in the summer sun, having semi-nudie fun? Why can't the bad times just be never and the good times last forever?) here.

If you too - as they used to say in the advertisements - are depressed by the modern world, appalled by the carnage in Libya or simply looking for something a bit more light hearted than the usual Radio National diet of documentaries - living with a prosthetic limb, racism in rural neighbourhoods, the decline of the spotted stink beetle 's habitat - tune in to Adam and Joe or download their podcasts: as my oldest daughter has just skyped me to say, 'I can't wait for stories like the one where Adam washes his hands in the water from a toilet on a train, because the tap was broken,' (ah memories).

If listening to Adam and Joe doesn't make the world seem a little less miserable, I will eat not only my hat but any number of pieces of clothing, out of sheer surprise.

(And, of course, if you are already an Adam and Joe listener, all I can say is: ' Stephen?')


  1. i am in complete agreement.
    all the news this year has been dire, at times like this we NEED adam & joe on the radio for general morale.

    just coming!!

  2. We were proud members of Black Squadron. I hope that's revived too.

  3. WE always need Adam and Joe, AH
    I'm hoping I can be a cheat member - I won't even have to get up early in this time zone, Gaw

  4. I got mentioned on Adam and Joe once. I coined the term 'Pavement Panto' for them.

  5. I shall keep that in mind for the next time I play 'Brushes with Fame' - so far the fact that my hamster once appeared on Mr Pastry (very ancient children's television programme) has been the best I could offer