Sunday, 20 March 2011

Words and Phrases that Annoy my Husband

Senator Bob Brown of the Australian Greens Party here has given his house, deep in the countryside in Tasmania, to 'future generations', which is very generous. What annoys my husband though is that the reports of this in the papers all state that he has 'gifted' the property. 'What', says the spouse, 'is gifting - how is it different to giving and what is wrong with the word we normally use?'

All answers on A4 paper, by Tuesday, to the head of school.


  1. There is a subtle difference: A gift is a special thing, with lots of baggage and emotion attached... while "giving something" is just passing it from one to another, not necessarily needing a thank you.

  2. I told him what you said, Shirley and his response is, 'Hmmmmmm.'