Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Apology to Readers

I've been following the Gay Girl in Damascus blog fiasco, and I've realised that it's now time for me to come clean as well. It may come as a shock, but I've been found out and I can't go on pretending. Yes, for the last two years, while writing under the pseudonym ZMKC, I have been living an appalling lie.

For all that time, I have been pretending to be a woman who comes from Canberra and has a husband and two wonderful daughters. Sadly, as you will all know by this time, none of that is true. I shouldn't have done it, I've been stupid and foolish, but it was only ever supposed to be a bit of fun.

The fact is, the writer of all the posts on this site is actually a very different creature to the ZMKC character that I have fabricated. I apologise to anyone who feels shocked or hurt by this news. I must reveal finally that my real name is Angus. Here is a picture of me, (I'm the one in the middle):

It may sound like a cliche, but it's important to remember: on the Internet, no-one can tell you're a dog.


  1. I did have my suspicions. There were a few key issues which you got a bit hot under the collar about.

  2. Cute little dog. However, I'd be more convinced if it had a copy of Quirk et al's A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language in its paw (though it probably doesn't need to look things up that often, which is maybe why it doesn't need to have it to hand).

  3. Wait . . . how do you type? Ah,fur-get it.

  4. Shocking, just shocking! I had always imagined you as a poodle.

  5. Ah the wit and repartee, it's hard for a small dog to know where to begin in replying. (Clever of you, by the way, Gadjo, to notice that an it is what I am - not my choice, I should explain though: it was my owners who decided the matter for me, after an incident with next door's whippet a couple of summers ago [and shortly afterwards I started blogging, make of that what you will)

  6. And your excuse, Angus? A fair deal for female bloggers? Or, just more bones for dinner?

    1. Wuff, wuff, wuff (and yes to the kind offer of bones)