Sunday, 19 June 2011

I Things

I don't have anything to do with I-things - I-pods, I-phones, I-pads et cetera. After reading, in a review by Will Self in the London Review of Books, that Apple executives routinely refer to the factory where I-things are made as 'Mordor', (because the conditions there are so dreadful), I'd like to pretend that mine is a moral position. Actually, I just hate I-Tunes.

In the same article, Self observes that the word 'sustainability' is 'a nauseating lexical figleaf for priapic capitalism.' I like that.


  1. I like the word priapic. though if I were a man I wouldn't want to be that way for too long

  2. You surprise me, Nurse - from the innocence of your blog, I had imagined you wouldn't even know what it means, hem hem.