Thursday, 23 June 2011

Where Did You Get that Hat?

At the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, one of Prince Andrew's daughters caused a stir with the peculiar hat she wore. At the time, I thought the single - dubious - virtue the thing possessed was originality. However, after a trip through the Alte Pinakotheke in Munich, I realise it even lacked that:


  1. Beatrice's hat also has the distinction of looking somewhat like the grill of a Ford Edsel - a car reknowned as history's biggest ever automotive flop, apparently partially due to the fact that the grill looked a teensy bit like a ladypart...

  2. She was either a Capricorn or a social butterfly... maybe like Catherine Howard, though here they appear to have hanged her, rather than chopping off her head.

  3. I like that car, Worm. There must have been more to its failure than that, surely.
    I think she may have had toothache, Denis? And her husband decided to use her head as a perfect spot for a television aerial?