Friday, 3 June 2011

More New Pals

I went for a walk in a different direction yesterday and here are some of the new best friends I made:

 (This, by the way, is the building where the Terror Museum - such a great name - is housed, where the secret police used to practice their nasty trade)

 These next few are all from the one, amazing building - the Liszt Academy:

 I think the sculptor has perfectly captured the expression of the average mother forced to listen to her offspring attempting to learn stringed instruments here:

 Dr Semmelweiss, now there's a story - women everywhere should be grateful to him:


  1. Wow. How long a walk did you go on? [@aptronym]

  2. There are some truly interesting conversations there.

  3. Love them all. Especially the cherubs

  4. You only have to go two steps, aptronym. I'm beginning to be tempted to do another faces post already, although trying to resist.
    There are some fine heroes of the Hungarian nation amongst that lot, Denis. Although mostly not the cherubs, Nurse.

  5. Re the park - természetesen
    I shall go off and have a look at your collection, with interest