Sunday, 12 February 2012

Quite Funny

Once upon a time (and, no, I am not ever going to start saying "back in the day"), the Canberra Times used to have consistently good cartoonists. There was Pickering, who perfected the fly-blown look for certain politicians, most particularly John Gorton. Then there was Geoff Pryor. After he retired, the standard of the paper's cartoons declined for a while, to the extent that at times their quality was even worse than that of the paper's written content.

But luckily David Pope took over. He now seems to be restoring the finer traditions of cartooning at the paper. For example, yesterday this example of his work appeared. (of course, if you are not a follower of Australian federal politics, it will mean almost nothing at all to you):

 I shall think of the Speaker as Mr Sticklepomp from now on.

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