Sunday, 11 November 2012

Australia v Britain

To the evolving Australia v Britain list, initiated by my
husband, we now have two new additions:

  1. This is most surprising - Remembrance Day poppies. They're better here in Australia than in Britain these days, because here they still sell the old ones with stalks made of wire wrapped in green papery stuff. These can be wound round buttons or even, I suppose, through your hair, if you feel like it and are very secure once fixed in place. I think possibly these were the original British variety, although I'm not sure about this. Certainly now the ones you buy in Britain are a bit of red paper shoved onto a rather flimsy short black plastic stalk, secured by a round black plastic cap thing. These fall out of buttonholes - and also seem to fall to pieces very easily.
  2. Dogs on the back of utes. You don't get these in Britain and I love them. Here's the kind of thing I mean:

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