Saturday, 10 November 2012

Things I Never Knew about Canberra

A Canberra MP (Labor, it almost goes without saying, given that Canberra is a Labor city) had
the opportunity to meet Prince Charles this morning and afterwards he told the Sydney Morning Herald what he'd said to our future king:

"'I shook his hand and said that although he had been here before he might not realise that this was the social capital of Australia. That because of his interest in urban design he might be interested to know that the urban design of Canberra means that we are far more community spirited than any other place in Australia."

Who knew? And was this the way to engage the Prince's attention I wonder? According to the MP, this was Prince Charles's reaction:

''He said, 'Oh that's interesting'.''


  1. If he's going to be king, he ought to know the simple truths, I suppose...

  2. Very, in fact!

    Anyhow, I reckon if Melbourne can be the cultural capital and Sydney the business capital, why can't we be the spirited capital!!

    1. "Oh that's interesting" (I wonder if Prince Charles ever responds with anything else - it's quite a useful cover-all comment, although not actually interesting)