Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Vote One: Ol' Creepy

For any American readers wrestling with their democratic duty, here is a suggestion from
a reader of the London Review of Books:

"Two Cheers for Nixon

Like Christian Lorentzen, I remember the first candidate I voted against: Richard Nixon, in 1972 (LRB, 23 February). It’s a sign of how far we have fallen from that low point that I may just reverse myself and write in Mr Nixon’s name this year. After all, he signed the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Social Security reforms that took dog food off seniors’ menus. It’s hard to imagine Barack Obama (for whom I voted in 2008) pushing very hard to enact similar legislation.

Now that I’ve begun to think along these lines, I can see that I would prefer Ol’ Creepy to any major party nominee for the last thirty years. The fact that he’s dead only adds to the allure; the dead can no longer bomb Hanoi.

Cliff Story
 Portland, Oregon"

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