Monday, 4 March 2013

Ford Madox Ford Meets Oz Commercial TV

I do wonder what the author of Parade's End would think about his narrative being interrupted by the Lotto draw. I also wonder how interested the Channel Nine audience will be in the adventures of Christopher Tietjens:


  1. It sounds like a Ford Prefect [Hitch-hiker's Guide] sort of bizarre conjunction to me. But I'm sure the Lotto draw from a century ago will give the drama that extra touch of authenticity.

    My regret is that I haven't yet finished even the first of the trilogy that I bought from Amazon [Kindle] on your recommendation in November last year. It is beautifully written and I will get back to it now I've cleared most of the Kindly backlog. [Kindly? I like that. It stays.]

    1. I suppose one could argue that World War 1 was a particularly grizzly kind of Lotto.