Friday, 15 March 2013

Infinite Mystery

I'm pleased that in Italy (or, for pedants, within Italy - for the Vatican City is within, if not in, that country) two events have coincided. First, a new Pope has been chosen - rather quickly, it must be said, which was disappointing for all those of us

(possibly only me and Fellini?) interested in clerical attire (and was it just me or were the lace frocks and red and gold satin surplices donned for a couple of the dazzling spectacles - sorry, ceremonies - associated with the proceedings slightly tackier than in earlier years? Could the person in charge of Vatican procurement have decided to cut costs by choosing machine-made Chinese lace manufactured from synthetic fibres and nylon shop-bought satin rather than the genuine article?)

Anyway, as well as the charming sight of Argentinian nuns leaping for joy, we next learned that, just at the same time as the Catholic church was making its decision, Italian physicists elsewhere in the country were publishing their findings about the Higgs Boson or 'God' particle. Apparently it does exist, although that confirmation doesn't really seem to leave anyone very much the wiser.

Two approaches to the central mystery of existence, one country, one moment in time. I like it.

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