Monday, 11 April 2011

Another Reason for Preferring Australia to Britain

We don't have Evan Davis. I'd forgotten all about him until yesterday - it's called blotting out trauma, I think. But I dropped my guard and there he was again. In that solitary instant of less than complete vigilance, the full horror came flooding back.

What I especially hated when I lived in London was that moment in the morning when you'd turn on the Today programme and listen in trepidation - and, oh no, it was the D team, Evan Davis and that token woman, who has an exceptionally annoying voice.

But, hang on - I've just caught a glimpse of Eddie McGuire. I'd forgotten about him as well. The scoreboard's gone back into draw territory all of a sudden. Damn.


  1. Is Mr Rolf Harris at all popular/known in Australia? If he were to present everything on TV and radio then I think the world would be an altogether nicer place.

  2. rolf harris on the today programme, Gadjo? I'd like that!

    I too have an evan davis aversion - what is it about him that you don't like in particular Zmkc?

  3. Gadjo and Worm - Rolf Harris seems to have found himself a special place in the British heart, which I find mildly baffling. Over here, I don't think we hate him, but we certainly haven't made quite such a pet of him. Re Evan Davis, Worm, it seems to me that he doesn't listen or think when interviewing people - he has a pushy manner and he has never convinced me that he has an interesting mind (but then nor has Andrew Marr - or John Humphries et cetera - maybe I just think Davis is the biggest pill of the lot of them).