Thursday, 7 April 2011


I apologise unreservedly to anyone who required medical treatment for shock following my misspelling of the word 'excrescence' in yesterday's post (now corrected). It was never my intention to cause suffering to my fellows, but I understand that I must now accept my punishment for having done so, however inadvertently. Sentence has been passed and, as soon as I have finished writing this, I shall go and face the firing squad. I should add that, as the members of the squad are all extremely ancient professors of linguistics, none of whom have ever handled a firearm,  let alone borrowed Elvis Costello's phrase in order to boast, 'My aim is true', it is possible that I will be back before very long.


  1. Shouldn't the punishment be made to fit the crime? Taking note of your previous post, I think you should have several incorrectly spelled words (half of them involving apostrophes) tattooed on your person.

  2. You are a cruel (although amusing) man.