Saturday, 23 April 2011

Someone to Blame at Last

All my experience of being 'managed' by people with MBAs and other  such qualifications has led me to the conclusion that management theory is a horrible rotting virus, leaching the life from everything it touches. The attempts by various employers to actually induct me into the faith, via 2-day courses and seminars and so forth, have only reinforced my view.  This article explains how the whole ramshackle snake-oil peddling enterprise started - and who started it. Damn you, Frederick Winslow Taylor. And damn you, you foolish bunch of Hungarians who played into his hands.


  1. In 1973 I would march from my employment summing people's telephone bills by hand at the G.P.O. down the main streets of that town and through the Botanic Gardens to the Queensland Institute of Technology. I would sometimes walk past the Bellevue Hotel and the single House of the Parliament of Queensland to my class in Business Psychology. We were told by the lecturer rather frankly that this Business Psychology unit should really be called "How Best to Screw the Worker:"
    Sadly this sadistic methodology is mimicked by a number of middle managers with their own varieties of sadism to their fellow workers or fellow human beings. Some, as they claw their way up through the class structure of the modern workplace, develop a complexion of conceit which reinforces their sadism. The journalists Tony Abbot and Andrew Bolt would be good examples of this.

  2. Your lecturer had at least the virtue of honesty. You mustn't forget, in expressing your political views, that I am very rightwing.