Monday, 18 April 2011

In the News

What I learnt from the newspaper today:

1. A new approach to growing old, courtesy of Grace Jones:

2. That choosing a garment because it is 'interesting' or 'unusual' or 'intriguing' will always mean that, when you are trying to say something important or serious, no-one will be listening; they will be too busy trying to decide if that thing you're wearing is a skirt or trousers or a sack or just the sitting-room curtains that you somehow inadvertently wrapped yourself in as you were walking out the door:

3. That, if all else fails, I can always try chook washing as a new career (I think those three little pink-clad girls may already be planning a similar future):

 (Babe, pig in the city, eat your heart out).

4. That - particularly cheeringly on this first (or is it the second? [that crazy church calendar, don't you love it?]) day of Holy Week - there are people who, when confronted by what looks pretty much like Hell, have decided to take Noel Coward's advice and 'rise above it' (I find this picture peculiarly touching):

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