Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Sounds of Christmas

Cicadas, church bells and the never-ending misery of the marriage over the back fence. All day long, round and round and round, while children tug at them for attention, while dogs bark, while food is consumed without pleasure and presents are handed out without joy or love, the argument between the parents runs on, a litany of complaint and bitterness, with a terrible, furious refrain: 'You treat me like a fucking dog, and no-one should treat me like a fucking dog, and you treat me like a fucking dog.' ('That's because you are a dog, you bitch.')


  1. Sad, really. But I spare a thought for those trapped within.

  2. It is extremely sad, especially for the children. It's gone on for so long that I sometimes think that the adults involved can't live without it - I hesitate to say enjoy it, but they seem in a curious way to be addicted to the routine of hating each other, or maybe just hopelessly stuck.