Saturday, 11 December 2010

We Cant' Play Cricket, But We Can (Sometimes) Do Letters

When I was in England in October, I noticed that the letters to the editor there were much funnier (usualy unintentionally or only semi-intentionally) than ours. Now, though, I've found someone (yes, it's only one so far, but it's better than nothing, so don't knock it), who is trying to keep up our end, at least in this sphere of activity (and, no, I don't know if he's any good at cricket, and I don't think you should ask him - the poor man can't be expected to carry the entire burden of our nation's pride). His name is John Morris, by the way, and, in answer to a recent column complaining about the lack of support for home schooling, he sent in this not bad specimen to the Sydney Morning Herald:

When home schooling is discussed, I recall Osbert Sitwell's self-entry in Who's Who: ''Educated during the holidays from Eton.'

John Morris Tweed Heads South'

It strikes the right note of eager pomposity; it's definitely a promising start.


  1. Is 'Tweed Heads South' a place, a brand, an aside or a moniker?

  2. "eager pomposity". I LOVE it!

  3. Gaw -,_New_South_Wales (I like the idea of it being a moniker)
    Nurse - you, I suspect, would never manage it (that's a compliment)