Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Back by Popular Demand

In view of the overwhelmingly positive response - at least from Nurse Myra - to the last lot, here are some more letters to the editor from point scoring snobs and assorted other bloody minded types:

Sir - In my youth, I used to visit some family friends in the East End of London. Mary was an out-and-out cockney married to an Irishman called Paddy.
Paddy was fond of saying things like "I tink it's this," and  "I tink it's that", whereupon Mary would say to him: "Paddy, 'ow many times must I tell ya, 'it's not 'tink', it's 'fink'."
Stephen Woodbridge-Smith, Tavistock, Devon

Sir - I met a junior doctor in the corridor of my hospital and asked after the health of a seriously ill child.
"Oh, he is dead well," he replied.
Richard George, Halesowen, West Midlands

Sir - At a parents' evening at my daughter's school, I was told by her teacher, "The main thing is we're learning her".
Margaret Bowman, Shrewbury

Sir - In his review of the Fish Shed, John Lanchester says it sells only fish caught that day and landed in Lyme Bay, and goes on to extol the virtues of its haddock.
I wasn't aware of any haddock to be caught in the bay, or anywhere near it, unless a shoal was on holiday.
Rob Goodwin, Beeston, Nottingham

Sir - Andrew Anthony says the new Misubishi Shogun is bound for Windsor Safari Park. He clearly did not use a satnav: it closed more than 10 years ago. Or is he still driving round Berkshire trying to find it?
Brian Boyland, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Sir - What is the trait Hussein Chalayan most deplores in himself (Q&A, 25 September)? "I am an idealist, which can be tiring." What is the trait he most deplores in others? "People taking themselves too seriously."

Professor Alan Alexander, Edinburgh


  1. I like Rob Goodwin's best

  2. Oh, the wonders of the Torygraph's letters page.

  3. Nurse - they all seem pretty good, if you bellow them in the imagined voice of an imagined retired colonel
    Recusant - amazingly, some are from the Guardian