Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Freecycle - more tempting offers

I've been saving these up:

Offer - fridge (not working well)
Offer - old tyre (flat)
Offer - The Spirit of Golf and How it Applies to Life
Offer - Worms
Offer - Tatty sleeping bag/quilt, with broken zip
Offer - 2008 Children of Vietnam calendar
Offer - Fertility Monitor
Offer - Pregnancy tablet
Offer - Turkish van cat
Offer - a dozen whistles


  1. what's a pregnancy tablet and a turkish van cat?

  2. I think a Turkish van cat is a fierce animal you keep with you in your Turkish van, with its old flat tyre and fridge (not working well) and cheerful 2008 Children of Vietnam calendar tacked to the back of the door. Then, when you forget to use your pregnancy monitor and decide to let someone (with or without worms) into the van to share your tatty sleeping bag/quilt (zip broken) so that you can snuggle up together and read the Spirit of Golf and how it Applies to your Life, the cat drives the visitor away. At that point, presumably, if you actually want children, you take the pregnancy tablet. And, if you are allergic to cats or can't afford to feed one, a dozen whistles can have similar deterrent effects to the cat, when correctly deployed.

  3. Wow - truly bizarre! There is some odd stuff on EcoBees too - EcoBees is similar to Freecycle (i.e. keeps stuf out of landfill) but has interactive maps so you can see where the free stuff is etc, worth a look:

  4. David Cohen has observed that EBay is not a service that allows people to get stuff at bargain prices; it's a service that allows people to get rid of their old junk. Perhaps Freecycle is therefore a service for people to get rid of the junk that even the charity shops and recycling centres turn down.

  5. Brit - I feel faintly sensitive about Cohen's comments since I am dressed almost entirely by EBay. Then again, our flat in Budapest is furnished mostly with stuff we found on the street during local rubbish throw-out days. Maybe it's good to have no-one else's taste