Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Mess We're In, But Were ...

The amazing Mark Griffith, who very kindly employed me many years ago and is a man of many ideas and rather brainy, is about to publish a book called Collateral Damage, about the financial crisis that came upon us and doesn't seem to have entirely left (well, when I say us, I speak globally, rather than in an Antipodean sense, and I'm not tempting fate by making any further comments about our specific situation).

The book is the first to emerge from Mark's new publishing house and, to my surprise, given my complete lack of interest in or knowledge about economics, the proof copy has proved (proof-prove, geddit, sort of a play on words there, not bad eh? Oh all right, it's rubbish, I know that really and, yes, I will get on with it and stop mucking around) not merely extremely interesting but even, believe it or not, a riveting read.

For more information, go to this website (the name of the company comes from Alexander Pope, in case you're wondering) or follow Mark's twitter id, which is worldcrisisbook. Once the book comes out, it will solve your Christmas presents dilemmas/dilemmae/dilemme (take your pick - it will do them all). Buy it for yourself, buy it for all your friends and relations. They may be surprised at first but they will be grateful when they read it, for suddenly everything that is confusing them, worrying them and, perhaps, even upsetting them (at least where their money is concerned - possibly their marriages et cetera might be a bit beyond its remit) will be explained and the current state of the world economy will seem startlingly, almost high definition picture quality, clear.


  1. I'm going! I may even buy. For myself of course.

  2. Extremely slippy, I thoght, Slimer.