Monday, 18 October 2010

Words and Phrases that Make Me Cringe

'Empowerment' and all its iterations. No-one who uses that word ever has anything useful to say in my experience.


  1. I just received an round robin email from a former colleague (now enemy) with a quantity of jargon far beyond parody. Names have been removed to protect the idiot:

    XXX headed off last month on a UKTI sponsored trip to Boston & Silicon Valley with 12 other UK cloud computing MDs to visit Citrix, EMC, Google, IBM and Salesforce; all packed around power breakfasts and networking events with US vendors, advisers and investors. I was lucky enough to get selected for the WebMission trip last year to San Francisco, when I met a gang of UK web businesses and came back buzzed-up about the opportunities around Web 2.0, so I'm delighted that XXX had the opportunity to join this cloud gig.

  2. Vomit, vomit, vomit (I especially hate 'lucky enough' - or is 'buzzed-up' worse? No, it's that fake modest 'lucky enough' that is completely and utterly emetic)