Thursday, 7 October 2010

From an Ant Heap in Budapest

In a review of a book about Arthur Koestler that I read recently (yes, in an old copy of the London Review of Books - yes, the same issue, in fact, that I've mentioned here and here ), Cyril Connolly is quoted, describing Koestler thus:

"Like everyone who talks of ethics all day long, one could not trust him half an hour with one's wife, one's best friend, one's manuscripts or one's wine merchant - he'd lose them all. He burns with the envious paranoiac hunger of the Central European ant-heap, he despises everybody and can't conceal the fact when he is drunk."

Curiously, when I read those words, Slavoj Zizek sprang to mind. Noseybonk at the Dabbler has also been thinking about Zizek, rather more creatively than me.

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