Monday, 20 December 2010

Words and Phrases and the Continuing Threat to Dental Health

I have mentioned here and here and here and here and here that there is one word above all others that makes me grind my teeth. I had hoped that I would not have to raise the issue again. Unfortunately, some people - and, yes, Harry Windsor, it is you I am talking about - appear to have not been paying attention. You are 26 years old, and, dim as you appear to be, you really should know better: when someone gives you a reward (as the Australian insisted on describing it - surely it should have been an 'award'?) for your 'humanitarian work', you should say, 'Thank you very much, you have done me a great honour, and I am very grateful.'

What you should not say is what you did say: 'I feel hugely humble.' Apart from anything else, it was obvious that you did not feel anything of the sort.

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