Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Everything Was Illuminated

I know nothing about manuscript illumination, except that, when I was a child I planned to be either a gargoyle carver or an illuminator when I grew up. Both ambitions were doomed, needless to say, because I was born at the wrong time - and, had I been born at a time when either of these occupations were growth industries, I don't suppose I'd have had a look in anyway, since I am, chiz, a gurl. Also I'm left handed so I imagine all my manuscripts - had I been allowed to produce any -  would have been horribly smudged, since moving left to right with a left hand generally produces this result.

But, to quote the ever useful adage, "I know what I like" when it comes to illuminations, and I liked almost all the ones I saw at Frieze Masters. I was also very grateful when the dealers from Basel - noticing my interest, kindly gave me two of their catalogues. I plan to read them and thus become someone who actually knows something about illuminated manuscripts.

Compendium made for Juan II of Spain, 1425

Hofmann prayer book in German, illustrated by Nikolaus Glockendon, 1513-14, Nurnberg

Book of Hours, (use of Rome), Austria, Salzburg, 1450-60

Book of Hours, in Dutch (use of Utrecht), illustrated by the Masters of the Zwolle bible and the Masters of  Margriet Uutenham, Netherlands, Arnhem and Zwolle, c. 1470

Gagne book of hours, illuminted by the Masters of the Burgundian Prelates, Autun or Dijon, 1480-90

Book of Hours, use of Tours, illuminated by Master of Claude of France & workshop, Tours, 1500-08

Ludolphus Cartusiensis, Vita Christi, translated by Guillaume Lemenand, Vol. II, illustrated by the Master of the Chronique Scandaleuse, 1506-08, Paris

Book of Hours, use of Cambrai, illuminated by Charles V & a second artist, Hainaut, Valenciennes/Cambrai (?) c.1520

Book of Hours, use of Rome, in Latin, French calendar, illuminated by Master of Petrarch's Triumphs, Tours, 1490-1500

House of Charles V, use of Rome, illuminated by Gerard Horenbout, Flanders, Malines (?), 1515-1520

Giovanni Bocaccio, Des Cas des nobles hommes et femmes, French translation by Laurent de Premierfait, illuminated in the circle of Maitre Francois, Paris, 1470 

Book of Hours, for the use of Troyes, in Latin, with French calendar, illuminated by the Master of Grand Heures de Rohan, Troyes, 1415-1420

Book of Hours, use of Paris, illuminated by the Mazarine master, the Boethius master & two other artists, Paris, c.1405-15

This plus next two pictures: Titus Livius, Les Decades, translated into French by Pierre Bersuire, illuminated by Henri d'Orquevaulz, written by the scribe Jeannin de Rouen, Metz, dated 1410

This picture, plus next four: from the Zwolle Bible, illuminated by the Masters of the Zwolle Bible, Zwolle, 21st December, 1474

St John, historiated initial I from a leaf of The Homilies of St Augustine, at Octave of St John, Italy, 1150

This, plus next three pictures: The Adoration of the Magi, from an illuminated antiphonal, Tournai, (?), 1400-10, tempera & gold leaf on vellum 

This & next: also from an illuminated antiphonal, as above

This picture, plus next two: Leaves from an annotated pontifical for Roman use, illuminated within the circle of St Marco, Barcelona, 1350-1360

Biblia Latina, pocket Bible, with the prologues ascribed to St Jerome, calendar & the interpretation of Hebrew names, Paris, c.1250

Beauchamp-Corbet hours, Book of Hours, use of Sarum, in Latin & Anglo-Norman, illuminated by the Milimete workshop, (de Bois master), London, c.1328

This picture, plus next: Biblia Latina, illuminated by the workshop of the "Bible Moralisee", Paris, 1220-30

This picture plus next three: Despite the fact that this was one of the star attractions, I've lost all details of it, except that the illuminator was the Master of the Toison d'Or, I think (hopeless of me, I know)

The Moneypenny Hours with 49 images by the Master of the Chronique Scandeleuse, use of Paris, in Latin & French, 1490 

The Guyenet- Lardanchet Hours, with 19 miniatures by the Master of the Troyes missal, use of Paris, Troyes, 1460

Book of Hours from Lyon with 14 miniatures by Guillaume II Le Roy, Lyons, 1495-1510

The Villeneuve Hours with 22 miniatures by the Masters of the Gold Scrolls, Bruges, 1450 

A book of hours for export to England, with 47 miniatures by Willem de Vrelant of Bruges,  Bruges, c.1450-75

The Bliss Hours, with 15 miniatures by the Master of the Geneva Latini, Rouen, c1465

The Ovray Hours, for export to England with signed miniatures by the Master of Otto van Mordrecht, likely Bruges, c-1430 to before 1449

Book of Hours with 15 miniatures by an early Netherlandish artist, Paris, 1415-20

The only known manuscript of Philippe de Vigneuilles's La Chanson de Geste de Garin Le Loherain, Metz, 1515-1527/8

Astronomical handbook on the planets, in the tradition of Ptolemy, Verona, c.1580-1600

Gawain & His Nine Companions in Search of Lancelot, Dunois Master, possibly Jean Haincelin, active in Paris, c.1435-1450s

Gawain Fighting Gloadain the Seneschal, artist as above

Mocking of Christ, Maestro dei Fondi Giallini, active in Cremona c.1450-1482

Monks Singing, Nicolo di Giacomo, active Bologna, documented from 1349- c.1403

St Catherine of Alexandria, German artist, perhaps Cologne, c.1450

Joseph of Arimathea & Nicodemus in the Passion of Christ, from the Prayerbook of the Enriquez de Ribera family, artist Simon Bening, born 1483 Ghent; died 1561 Bruges)

The long lost first volume of the bible of Louis de Harcourt, patriarch of Jerusalem and Bishop of Bayeux, Paris, 1260-80

The book of Sydrac of Joan of France, Queen of Navarre, Paris, c.1325-50

Barbet Book of Hours, use of Paris, illuminated by at least three masters, Paris c.1400-10

Prayer book written in the local vernacular, Cologne, c.1486

This, plus next three pictures: Book of Hours, use of Paris, in Latin, early 15th century