Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Parents Beware

It's very easy to be overcome with ambition for your children. However, in the end it's best to let them follow their own dreams. I mean, just look at this building:

If only that young man had been allowed to become a cake decorator instead of being forced into architecture, the world might have been a happier place - at least for him.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Someone to Watch Over Me

I went to dinner with some friends the other night. Their place is a ten or fifteen minute walk from mine. At the end of the evening, they said, 'Are you sure you're all right to walk home alone?' 'But you're never alone in Budapest,' I said, 'there's always someone keeping an eye on you here'.

Some of them are easy to spot:

Some less so:

Some always look away and pretend they weren't watching, if you try to catch their eye:

But whether you notice them or not, they are there, on every street, looking down at the passers by, silently observing: