Sunday, 31 October 2010

Giving in to Temptation

Unable to control my dreadful pedantry any longer, I have started another blog here. On it, I post some of the things that I see in print that irritate me (not because of their content but because of their sloppy editing). I am hoping that this will be an outlet that will help me avoid future problems with blood pressure.

I do admit that it takes very little to annoy me, and I'm aware that for the majority of the population most of the things I highlight will seem utterly trivial. However, I believe standards are important when we write. Language is a vehicle for conveying meaning - if we allow its structures to erode, we risk making no sense.Worse than that, if we compromise language, we make it harder to think.


  1. I shall enjoy this one, even if I may wince occasionally.

  2. I used to wince and even scream and shout, but now I just take a photograph and put it on the blog.