Sunday, 19 February 2012

Words and Phrases that May Indicate Trouble for a Leader

I may be wrong, but I think something's up with our Prime Minister. Although there are one or two other clues out there in the papers, the thing that indicates this to me is the fact that there is barely an article about her or a news report that doesn't include either the phrase "brushed aside" or "brushed off".

"Ms Gillard brushed off claims that her office was dysfunctional", "Ms Gillard brushed aside speculation about a leadership challenge", et cetera, et cetera.

Mind you, I don't think anyone's a dead cert goner, provided they are still brushing things aside. However, what I've noticed in the past few days is that our Prime Minister is no longer reported as even doing that. As a consequence each new stinging verbal tendril is springing back painfully into her face.

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