Thursday, 24 May 2012

Rip van Priestley

There are so many letters I have not written over the last decade - thank-yous, complaints, mere keeping-in-touch type things. Until I read this letter in the 10 May, 2012 issue of the London Review of Books, I thought it was too late to write them. Now I'm not so sure:

And what of Mr Priestley? Where has he been for the last 18 years? In the last spot on the globe unreachable by email or the postal system? In a coma? Or is his letter a cunning marketing ploy to get a second round of publicity for his magnum opus? There's a story here, I'm sure.


  1. I suspect he's got a new subscription to the LRB and has recently searched for his name in their incredible archive.

    1. Hello, Nici, you may be right, but are you also a cunning marketing ploy for LRB?

  2. Maybe as a writer of history books 1986 doesn't seem like very long ago to him. I wonder if Mr Harrison will write him a reply - in 2028.