Thursday, 9 January 2014

With Firm Resolve

I like the whole new-year-new-you feeling and always try to think of resolutions worthy of the season. This year I considered resolving to stop worrying, but decided that this would be a dangerous tempting of fate, which just goes to show what an incurable worrier I am. Instead, I came up with a plan to

a) stop getting annoyed by the use of the word 'free' in shops e.g buy one get one free, 20 % gratis on shampoo bottles et cetera. This always strikes me as infuriatingly fraudulent; all that is happening is that the price is being lowered - nothing is ever free.

b) stop being maddened by mobile telephone companies who tell you that, if you pay $35 a month, you will get $350 worth of telephone calls. Once again, this is just a pack of lies; you will get $35 a month's worth of calls, which might be $350 worth, if the cost of calls was different to the actual cost of calls

c) stop worrying about the use of the phrase 'cheaper prices' in place of 'lower prices'

d) try to stop myself, whenever the phrase 'am I going in the right direction' is used in any form, from singing, either under my breath or, worse still, at the top of my voice, 'for your loving and affection'. To do so is undignified, stupid and very probably mad.

Luckily, since I'm visiting Prague, which is a city where to use the word 'ubiquitous' when talking about the number of faces on buildings is the opposite of an exaggeration, I have not resolved to stop doing blog posts about faces on buildings. In fact, I have resolved to do practically nothing else for days and days and days.


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    1. Yes, no, maybe - there's some guy with a floor tom-tom in the house nextdoor and it's making it hard to think, (you wouldn't think you could give those things away, would you?)