Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Having a Lend

I was fairly astonished by the dress Mrs Cameron chose to wear on the day after the UK election, espeacially when it was claimed that it cost £915 - how could any dress cost that much, let alone such a horrid one?

But then I looked in Stella magazine, and I realised Mrs Cameron had actually been doing the best she could. The clothes Stella was proposing were so very much worse than what she had on that I had to conclude British shops are full of nothng but unwearable things and Mrs Cameron simply took the least unwearable thing she could find.

If you don't believe me, just look at these garments, which I don't believe anyone could be persuaded to wear voluntarily, let alone pay good money for - they seem almost wilfully designed to make the person inside them look an utter dork:

 And, no, so far as I can tell neither of the above outfits are meant for pregnant women.
I'm ashamed to say this could have been me in 1975 or so, but I have learnt my lesson since then
Yards and yards of buttoned denim flapping round your ankles. I fear a repetition of that 18th century suicide who left a note that said, simply, "All this buttoning and unbuttoning

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