Thursday, 4 June 2015


I thought I was getting too dull with some of my preoccupations here and so I've taken them away to another place - more precisely to Pinterest.

Thus, my interest in faces on buildings is now being indulged at this link

My compulsive desire to detail every painting I ever like in any gallery I ever go to is being dealt with here and here (the latter an outlet for my fondness for animals in the background of pictures).

Over there at Pinterest, I'm also gathering a collection of decorations on Belgian buildings and, my absolute favourite, a collection of Belgian chip signs Both perfectly useless but they give me pleasure - and I hope they may give someone else a bit of pleasure too.

(And, while on the subject of pointless, I have also removed all my rantings and ravings about how things should be edited and why commas change meaning to an instagram account called absentproof  It makes me feel much, much better - I think the scientific term is 'venting')

So from now on there may be fewer posts here, but they will at least be stone face, endless paintings and above all Belgian chip sign free. Which has to be a relief all round, surely.

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