Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What a Hottie

More from my new favourite book, Guardian Notes & Queries, 1992:

Question: An advertisement for a new kind of gel-filled hot 'water' bottle states: "According to figures published by the DTI for 1987, over 80 per cent of reported accidents involving hot water bottles were scalds or burns caused by boiling water." What were the other 20 per cent?

Answer: "My paternal grandmother died on 6 August 1970, as a result of injuries sustained when a hot water bottle (full) fell 15 floors from a tower block in Hulme, Manchester, hitting her directly on the head. She was from Sverdlovsk, USSR" (Mr) Beart Sry, Caton, Lancs

What I want to know is whether Mr Sry's story was true or actually some kind of dead drop (geddit?) message from a Soviet spy.

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