Monday, 7 December 2015

Denis Wright - Still Missed

Two years ago, Denis Wright left this world, and the world is poorer for his absence. I never met him, but knowing him via the Internet made me certain that all those who are doomsayers about the Internet and what it does to social relationships are wrong

I wrote this on the day Denis died and I still stand by it:

"Not fair, not fair, not fair. It was the catchcry of my childhood. And always the same reply - life's not fair, darling.

Today more proof of that repeated piece of wisdom: Denis Wright died at 5.10 p.m. Australian Eastern time. I have never encountered anyone who faced down unfair fate with such resourcefulness and such determination to remain part of life. He was an inspiration.

My thoughts go out to his family."

My thoughts go to Denis's family today as well. I miss him. Lord knows what it is like for them.

For those interested in Denis's blog, there is a link to it at the right of this page.)

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  1. I, too, miss him still. He wasn't just anybody.