Thursday, 28 July 2016

You've Got Mail

In an aeroplane recently, I was given a copy of the Daily Mail. It was the first time I'd read that newspaper, (if that's what it is), and it revealed a new world to me - multiple-dishwasher-world to be precise.

One woman was featured because she has been converted to double dishwasherhood:

 Two others can no longer live without four:
 "For me, the desire for multiple dishwashers is rooted in my childhood" - is that not one of the greatest lines ever uttered?

 What are we coming to? Particularly when you consider this, from the Financial Times, which I also read on the same trip:

 Why can we not be at least a little more like Angela Burdett-Coutts; why is the magazine How to Spend It devoted to yachts, watches and, possibly, diamond encrusted dishwashers, rather than deserving charities to suit all tastes:

 While I quite liked the description of what Daily Mail journalists believe to be the Princess Royal's natural habitat:

 I think the very clever Twitter poet, Brian Billston, should have the last word on the paper:

 PS The Times is scarcely better than the Mail now, so far as I can see. And, on that note, while this is some months old, is anyone else surprised to note that spending £14 on a pair of tights has somehow become frugality?


  1. I love the poem - I'd forgotten all about Peter Mayle and Dan Quayle.

    1. I apologise - I'm not sure the poem is adequate recompense for having those two (who for some reason I keep in a folder in my mind that also contains Cliff Richard) raised in your consciousness again