Sunday, 16 January 2022

The Wisdom of Siri

Most people I know think that it is ridiculous, mad or even immoral to be a Catholic. They point to the recent revelations of sexual abuse by priests, to the Spanish Inquisition and to all sorts of other terrible things done by individuals within the institution that is the Catholic church. As I am rarely articulate in conversation, particularly on subjects I care a lot about, I tend to get in a muddle trying to make the case for Rome. 

I'm not especially keen on Alexa or Siri or any of the other AI assistants who surround us, invisible, but vigilant and ever eager to assist. However, someone very close to me has explained that sometimes they can be helpful. To support her argument, she sent me a conversation she had with Siri about the institutions of the Christian faith:


  1. Replies
    1. Young Ms Siri can - I remain my usual er-um-yes-but-you-know-gosh-I-mean-can’t-you-sort-of-understand-or-feel-it useless self

  2. Wonderful. It's almost enough to make me reactivate Siri on my phone. Almost.