Sunday, 13 February 2011

Going All Tabloid

Thanks to Hotmail, we are kept up to date with all the really important news stories - via its entry page. This morning, surveying the lead headlines, my husband remarked, 'Of all the unlikely things to happen, this Warne-Hurley relationship is the one I don't believe I could ever have foreseen.'

After thinking about it for a bit - not an entirely pleasant experience - I realised it probably wasn't that unpredictable. There were signs for those who were looking - from her, if not from him. Exhibit A would have to be those safety pins - they really weren't very classy. The truth is, we may be looking at Tacky meets Tacky, rather than the Lady and the Tramp.

(And, of course, the truly interesting question is what is behind the human fascination for who is having it off with whom,  a phenomenon, Hotmail is now telling me, that Hurley and Warne may have been not only aware of but exploiting in this venture, which, it now appears, may have been a publicity stunt rather than a true romance. Which still makes it a case of Tacky meets Tacky in my book.)


  1. Hmm, I can't help feeling that Warnie's life is going to be one big long downward spiral after the glory days of bamboozling the best with his 'flipper'. I also fully expect Sri Lankan 'doosra' king Muttiah Muralitharan to be caught leaving hotel rooms with, shall we say, Elle Macpherson.

  2. Harder on the headline writers, that Elle story.