Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Town Like Alice Revisited

Ages ago I wrote a post about A Town Like Alice. To my surprise, when I read the novel I discovered that it's not about Alice Springs, as I'd always imagined it would be. Instead, it turned out to be about a character who aspires to create a town as good as Alice Springs - and eventually succeeds in doing so. How sadly ironic that aspiration seems, when you read this beautifully written but dreadful article. The phrase in it that most disgusts me, I think, is the one describing the approach the police are taking to the shocking problems in the town: "Crisis management through image burnishing and press release, the modern way."


  1. Yup, to talk up is to solve the problem. Sigh...

  2. Shit. Rather different from the cheerful picture of the beer-drinking 'Lucky Country' sold to us by Paul Hogan when I was a young chap.

  3. The phrase 'Lucky country' was always meant to be ironic - although I don't think its coiner, Donald Horne, could have envisaged the scenes that Rothwell describes in Alice Springs.