Friday, 7 October 2011

He Doesn't Get It

There's an interesting article in the 6 October edition of the UK Telegraph about Putin. The writer, Alex Spillius, points out that, if things go according to Putin's plans, he will spend 'more time in power than Leonid Brezhnev'.

It appears that Putin has recently 'unveiled a grand vision to create a "Eurasian Union" linking old Soviet neighbours.' I find this hilariously deluded. Anyone who has ever tried to communicate by using Russian in any of the countries that were once members of the Soviet bloc will know that, despite the fact that the citizens of all those countries were taught Russian, barely any of them would ever lower themselves to use that language, because they hate Russia, its language and everything else about it. My impression is that, as far as its former 'allies' are concerned, Russia continues to be seen as the horrible playground bully that it always was. It appears though that, like horrible playground bullies the world over, Russia - or at least Putin - still believes it is the most popular kid in the school.

On the other hand, Putin's delusional state seems slightly less surprising when you learn how carefully reality is shaped to keep him happy.


  1. This would be The Greater Eurasian Co-Prosperity Sphere?

    Putin never struck me as somebody that cared much whether he was liked, though he probably thinks it a good sign if others are troubled enough to flatter him.

  2. The amphora-finding thing looks both dubious and ridiculous: Putin could become Russia's Emperor Nero, a chap who instituted and rigged Olympic events so that he personally could win them, which maybe makes Yeltsin Claudius and Stalin Caligula, but that is the limit of my classical knowledge. The Soviets liked to populate their neighbouring countries with Russians, which might aid Putin's current delusion.

  3. I don't know, George, I think he wants to have at least the illusion that he is loved by his people.

    You've outdone me on the classical stakes, Gadjo, but I can visualise the Putin Olympics thing with no difficulty at all.