Friday, 14 October 2011

This Explains a Lot

There is a fuss going on about the shortlist for this year's Booker Prize. Supposedly, it is too populist. As a result, it was announced yesterday that a new prize is to be set up, so that books of higher literary value can be recognised. Or, as one of the organisers put it, 'There's nothing wrong with readability, but not all writing sets out to do that. Some writers aspire to something finer':
Now I understand why so much of what I pick up in the bookshop is unreadable - it's all those writers aspiring 'to do something finer.'


  1. Hilarious - why would anyone write in endeavour to be read?

  2. Please may I have a Moomin?

  3. Oh dearie me ... we have lost the plot some what haven't we!