Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This Must Be a Fake

A friend via another friend sent us this photograph, which supposedly was taken at one or other Wall Street protest. If it is genuine, it is hilarious, in a poignant sort of way:

But it can't be genuine. Please tell me it can't be genuine. No, of course it's not genuine. Someone somewhere is definitely having a laugh. The 'Hispanic' element is the gilding of the lily that uiltimately reveals the whole thing's a fraud.

And yet I am torn between thinking that it's a sign of my cynicism that I've worked this out and wondering if it's actually a sign of my naivety about exactly where we've reached that I don't believe the photograph's real.

In my experience, though, cynicism can usually be trusted (I hope that statement makes somebody laugh, besides me).


  1. Fake. The colour of the ink is equally dense all the way through, and the letters are the same every time they appear -- look at the dash on top of the lower-case 'i', for example. What are the chances of a writer getting that dash exactly the same every time? And the lettering doesn't follow the shape of the cardboard.

  2. Good thinking, Umb - I wonder what she was holding up.

  3. I wonder too. I haven't been able to find the original, but after a little bit of scratching around it turns out that the text was added at

    Click on the 'Protester sign generator' link under PEOPLE PROTESTING/RALLY SIGN GENERATORS and you can give her any message you want.

  4. How the hell did you find that? I think my message will be, 'Grow your own vegetables - they taste better'. That should stir things up.

  5. "cynicism can usually be trusted"...yeah, that seems about right.