Wednesday, 21 June 2017


I once wrote a post about how no apartment should ever be built without a balcony. It turns out that Heath Robinson invented a solution called a deckcheyrie for flats that were not provided with a balcony to begin with. For some reason, his picture of the contraption is not included in my copy of How to Live in a Flat. This is what he offers there instead - not as complex or colourful but still an outdoor option:

The article in The Spectator that accompanies the picture of the deckcheyrie is worth a read.


  1. The first two years of my older son's life were spent in our 1930s flat which was perfect for a couple, but awful for a family with young children. If only we'd known that this contraption existed, worthy of the great Mr Robinson himself:

    1. How to get your child used to the idea of prison from an early age. The woman has an expression that suggests that as soon as the photographer has gone she's going to give the cage a shove and send it plummeting to the pavement several floors below.