Friday, 10 August 2018

Odds and Ends

I am trying to sort out all the photographs I've taken over the last year or so and then somehow never done anything with. Here is a selection of faintly amusing letters to various publications that I decided were worth saving - and therefore, presumably, sharing.

These ones were published by the UK Telegraph:

This one was to the LRB, which explains why, after making quite a funny point, the writer feels the need to ram his political views down the reader's throat:

This was an item from the Telegraph's Court Circular that made me wonder whether the expression 'to up sticks' has its origin in court protocol, and also made me laugh, because the idea of handing back sticks to a monarch in immensely solemn ceremonies seems especially absurd to anyone who has spent much time being handed back sticks by pet dogs:

This cartoon from the New Yorker has its protagonist asking a question I have often wanted to ask in pubs with sports broadcast on screens round the walls:

And while on the subject of dogs, (after a momentary cartoon deviation) I thought this, from the Irish Times, represented the ultimate in modern neuroticism - it's not enough to get in a panic about one's own possible mental decline; one now has to harass the poor old family pet:

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