Saturday, 22 June 2013

How Did He Know

I went to see the film of the Globe Theatre production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night this afternoon. It is on again at Palace Cinemas all over Australia at one p.m. tomorrow and I highly recommend it.

The cast is brilliant and it was fascinating to see the female parts played, as they would have been in Shakespeare's own time, by men. Furthermore, in the current weird state of federal Australian politics, I couldn't help being struck by these lines from Mary:

"He is ... the best persuaded of himself, so crammed, as he thinks, with excellences, that it is his grounds of faith that all that look on him love him"

How astonishingly prescient of Shakespeare to foresee, in Malvoglio, our very own K Rudd. And perhaps the Prime Minister and her henchpeople might do well to follow Mary's strategy when she goes on to declare:

"and on that vice in him will my revenge find notable cause to work."

I'd be intrigued to see young Kevin in yellow stockings, cross-gartered, although I think I'm already fairly weary of his glassy smile.

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