Monday, 6 December 2021

Things I Miss About Belgium - an Occasional Series

The title of this post is slightly misleading, since I don't particularly miss the flea market in Brussels. However, this article about it is charming. On the day after we were burgled, while living in Brussels, I went down to the flea market, hoping my favourite painting might be being sold by the burglars down there. It wasn't, so far as I could see, but I did find myself beguiled and distracted by the place and started taking pictures to try to capture the scene. They may serve as companion illustrations for the article I've linked to. 

As you can see the writer isn't quite right when she says there is no order. Some stallholders go to huge trouble to lay out their wares nicely:

It has to be admitted though that most don't:

But who knows what treasures you might find amidst the chaos:

And, as the article's author notes, there are always the poignant photographs of people who, presumably, no longer exist:

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