Sunday, 7 November 2010

Freecycle - Just in Time

I suppose the people at Qantas will have snapped this one up already:

OFFER : Rolls Royce Book on jet engines
If you're into jets this book is for you!

Rolls Royce "The Jet Engine" - covers their jet engines in exhaustive detail, from basic mechanics and fuel systems to manufacture and maintenance. Lots of colour illustrations, lots of detail. In very good condition. Paperback. ISBN : 0 9021212 35


  1. Unfortunately, M. DeFarge works for them. so we have plenty of copies of that book.

  2. When you get enough of them, can you trade them in for a car?

  3. Now, that's cheeky!

  4. Whispering, I've just seen that you're back and I never told you the name of that place. You'll have to go back now, so that you can try it. I do apologise.

  5. LOL 's OK. We weren't short of things to do and places to eat at. Of course, if you really wanted to make amends you could always pay for me to go back (but preferably not in an RR engine).