Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Words and Phrases that Make Me Grind My Teeth

"No-brainer" as in: "Should I do that?", "It's a no-brainer, mate." To my ears, there is a brutal schoolyard taunting scorn about the words.  I don't like the image of a skull from which the grey matter has been ripped.


  1. I suspect that it's chiefly a young person's phrase, zedders, and there's nothing that young people like more than removing the grey matter from their skulls, e.g. the wide range of drugs they now apparantly enjoy and heavy metal music played very loud.

  2. What was it you said the other day about sometimes feeling older than Time? I sense that mood has come upon you today. (Incidentally, can heavy metal music be played any other way?)

  3. I'm a total hypocrite, zedders: I consume gin on a regular basis and have enjoyed playing other (better, obviously) types of music very loud.