Friday, 19 November 2010


A pub we stayed in near Cambridge has been sending us their monthly newsletter for a while. I should redirect the thing to the junk mail, except that it usually supplies - inadvertently - a laugh, (partly because it appears to be written by the modern-day equivalent of dear dim Edmund Sparkler of Little Dorrit fame). Take this month's brilliant editorial decision - to open the letter with this:

Hello from all at xxxxxxxxxxx Inn xxxxxxxxxxxxxon.
This month seems to be flying by with all sorts going on.
Our second set of lavatories off the bar are all but complete.
We have even succumbed to the these new fandangled Dyson Airblade hand-driers - a trifle noisy but really rather efficient at what they do.

There really is nothing like a new set of lavatories for tempting the pubgoing public in - and the added attraction of Dyson hand-driers should mean they'll have to start beating them off with sticks. 


  1. I do love the tone - it's almost like the annual Christmas newsletter.

  2. Am a little loathe to say this, given your objections to Diary of a Nobody, but this is highly Pooterish...

  3. But have you tried those Dyson hand-dryers? They're really something.

  4. I agree, Whispering, and, reluctantly, I agree, Brit, but I hate hand-dryers, Gaw, because I don't like having hot hands (plus, although some brilliant green economist will probably tell me there is more energy used in washing towels or making paper ones, the driers do appear to use a lot of unnecessary energy, because they always go on roaring for longer than people are prepared to stand there - or are the Dyson's touch sensitive [in which case I still stand by my "Say no to hot hands" policy])

  5. Despite your question being moot, I can reveal that Dyson's do indeed only dry when hands are present.