Thursday, 13 January 2011

Twisting Fate

In Victoria, a couple who have three sons and had a baby daughter who died are seeking to conceive another daughter through IVF. They recently 'terminated' twin boys because they cannot continue to have unlimited numbers of children and what they want is a daughter. The independent Patient Review Panel recently rejected their application to choose the gender of their next child, using IVF. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal is now considering their appeal against that decision. The male of the couple gave the following evidence as part of that appeal:

'"After what we have been through we think we are due for a bit of luck," the man said.
"We want to be given the opportunity to have a girl."
"We know we definitely won't be replacing her in any way, but want the chance to have the baby girl we don't have."'

How do people reach adulthood still believing that because things have gone wrong for them in the past they are 'due for a bit of luck'?  Have they not observed the world at all?

(Meanwhile in Queensland, 'four children, including a three-year-old torn from his mother's arms by a killer torrent have been confirmed drowned', a helpless bystander in Grantham reported screams coming from inside a house smashed off its foundations and hurtled along in the deadly torrent: 'This home just floated past with people yelling out for help ... but no-one could help them', and a woman who went to buy gumboots for her husband came home to find her house had been 'sent down the creek, along with their three sheds, tractors, cars and all their worldly goods. Nothing remains', and there is no sign of her husband. Sorry to bang on. [On a lighter note, someone in Brisbane has just tweeted, 'I don't know if you can call it panicbuying but the couple ahead at the 7/11 just bought 9 packs of condoms'].)


  1. I am so glad you finished on that note.

    Yes, I shakes me head sometimes.

    A friend of mine is driving into the SSO+Shakespeare on Saturday. She lives in Redfern.