Monday, 10 January 2011

What We Have Learned from the Queensland Floods

1. That the official unit of measurement in a 'flood event' is 'a Sydney harbour'.
2. That the thing to do, when in danger from flooding, is 'to brace' (Queensland is 'braced' for more rain and flood towns are 'bracing' themselves and officials are warning residents to 'brace' and on and on it goes).
 3. That repeating at regular intervals the phrase 'Queenslanders are doing it tough' will make things better, if all else fails - otherwise, why would our Prime Minister keep saying it?

If none of these things seems very enlightening and you feel like helping the poor benighted souls who have lost their homes and possessions and are up to their knees in mud and brown snakes, you can always donate a bob or two to the victims here.


  1. And, they are probably all "close-knit communities" too! One does tire of the language that becomes so meaningless after a while doesn't one!

  2. 'Close-knit communities', you are so right - and that's why so many people are too scared of looting to leave their homes, I presume (despite the brown snakes).